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About us

24 hours of sun Together for 100% renewable energy

30 years of solar energy for our lives

At Fronius Solar Energy, it has been our belief for 30 years that renewable energy is the key to an energy transition that benefits people as well as the environment. We make solar energy usable around the clock and independent of the season, because the power of the sun is there for everyone. To achieve this, we network and control energy generation and consumption digitally, because greater efficiency means greater sustainability. 

24 hours of sun for everyone

Together with our customers, partners and society, we are committed to our goal of 24 hours of sun and are contributing in important ways to an emission-free future. Electricity, mobility, heating and cooling: With us, sustainable energy supply is worthwhile and worth living with. We at Fronius Solar Energy believe now is the time. Time for us to get started on this path and to contribute our part.

We believe in sustainability

To leave our children a world worth living in, we need a sustainable energy supply. The use of solar energy is a simple and inexpensive solution that conserves our environment and resources. Renewable energies are already the most cost-effective form of energy today, which means it is very clear from an economic point of view to consistently press ahead with their expansion and use, creating many new jobs worldwide in the process. 

Security and independence for all

Using renewable energy sources is enabling us to become independent of fossil fuels and centralized energy suppliers. In the process, the supply with self-produced electricity can even ensure autonomy for smaller buildings. With our solutions, we are sustainably enriching the lives of private consumers as well as the businesses of our commercial customers with solar energy – true to our motto “Energize your life”.

for a better world

The sun is here for everyone, and our products and solutions are sustainably designed and made – from recycled materials and with optimized reparability and remarkable longevity. Let’s put it to use 24 hours a day, for sustainable energy in all our lives.  

Fronius Solar Energy. Energize your life.

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