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How to generate your own solar power with the Fronius GEN24 Plus

02/05/2024 / Sinsheim, Germay
Do you want to be more independent from the public energy grid? Generating solar energy with your own PV system, or in other words: Cooking, doing laundry, watching TV and charging your electric car with the power of the sun? Do you want to save energy costs with PV and also do something good for nature and the climate? “Yes!” was the answer from the Rappoldt family from southern Germany.
Which is why the Rappoldts invested in their own PV system with Fronius products. With the help of an experienced installer and Fronius System Partner Febesol, they fulfilled their dream of energy self-sufficiency. The Fronius System Partner recommended and installed two versatile Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverters as the heart of the PV system in the family home.

» „Probably the most important reason for us was that all components in the Fronius system work perfectly together. This provides us with a high energy yield and ensures that we can use all the solar power for ourselves....“ «

Daniel Rappoldt, system owner


Independence thanks to Fronius products

The result is a 20 kW photovoltaic system, allowing the Rappoldts to participate in our vision of 24 hours of sun – a world powered exclusively by renewable energy. Father-of-two Daniel Rappoldt explains why he and his family rely on Fronius: “Probably the most important reason for us was that all components in the Fronius system work perfectly together. This provides us with a high energy yield and ensures that we can use all the solar power for ourselves. Battery storage means that we can even be independent of the grid at night and on days with little sun.” This has allowed the Rappoldts to increase their solar power self-consumption rate to nearly 40%.

At the same time, the combination of two Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus and an energy storage device significantly increases the self-sufficiency rate (= independence rate from the public grid): In summer, the household runs almost entirely without electricity from the public grid. The degree of self-sufficiency during the sunny months is therefore close to 100%.

Savings of around 1,000 euro per year

On peak days, when the sun continuously irradiates the solar modules that are oriented in all directions, the Rappoldt family's own PV system generates around 200 kWh of solar energy. That's enough energy to fully charge an average electric vehicle four times over.

Speaking of which, the Rappoldts also own one of these. When it comes to charging, Daniel's family relies on the Fronius Wattpilot. Eco Mode allows you to get the greatest benefit from your own photovoltaic system, because the Fronius charging solution will then charge your vehicle with excess solar power from your own system. This way, even more of the self-generated energy can be utilized.

All in all, the family of four enjoys their newly gained independence from the local electricity provider and has cut their annual energy bill by around 1,000 euros.

Use Solar.web – and save even more

Fronius Solar.web, the digital solution from Fronius, is also a helpful tool. This makes it possible to keep an eye on all data from the PV system, its current and past power production, consumption and battery level anytime, anywhere. Daniel Fellhauer of Febesol is impressed by the digital solution: “This tool makes it super easy to check the efficiency of the system. The Solar.web app means Mr. Rappoldt always has visibility into the energy generation levels of his PV system and can use excess energy at the time it is generated.” In this way, Daniel can plan when large consumers in the household, such as the washing machine or the dishwasher, should run to get the most out of the electricity generated at home.


“A great feeling to be more independent”

“It's just a great feeling to be more independent, to have clean energy and to do something for our children's future. And, as a Swabian, of course, I'm delighted to be saving so much money,” announces proud PV system owner Daniel Rappoldt, summing up his purchase decision and experience with Fronius. He also praises the Fronius System Partner Febesol: “In the end, what won me over was the interaction between the Fronius System Partner and the products, as everything from the organization right through to the installation was straightforward and happened without any hold-ups. We felt in good hands with Daniel and his team and we couldn't be more happy.”

Save money now, become independent and find a Fronius System Partner in your area.

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