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Solar Energy
Business owners

100% renewable energy for commercial companies

Make your company future-proof - with renewable energy.
In doing so, you are opting for the most cost-effective form of energy and laying the foundation for future developments today. 

We offer individual and cost-effective solutions that make the changeover particularly easy for you.

  • Photovoltaic systems for small commercial enterprises to industrial companies
  • E-mobility solutions for the electrification of your company fleet
  • Solar backup systems for a reliable power supply
  • Solar-diesel hybrid systems for saving on diesel costs

Boomerang Energy

"There is product support and then there is Fronius product support. As a former manufacturer supporting contractors, and now myself as a contractor, I can say with complete confidence Fronius Tech Support gets to the point, responds quickly, despite challenging circumstances. Their tech support once wrote back to me while they were working on a roof knowing I was on site myself. They even made after hours arrangements without any hesitation to support one of my more remote installs and despite wireless communication challenges, remained generous with their time. If you are concerned about after sales service support look no further than Fronius and their support team! - They know who is in the line of fire and will have your back!"

- Steven Weagle

Grace Energy Solar and Wind Products

"On Our most recent 500kW DC Project, we had an internet issue. I had opportunity to speak with Harsha & was very impressed by the level of professionalism. Harsha immediately sent me a detailed path to follow, for running a software update on the inverter locally (offline) using a USB stick. I in turn passed this information on to my client to facilitate the solution on site. The entire process was simple & enjoyable from the start!!" 

- Bob Schneider

Liam and Susanne McCreery

"We would like to say how pleased we are with the Fronius technology we invested in 5 years ago to be the anchor of our solar system. Fronius has stood behind us 100% as we got the system up and going and as we deal with the usual ongoing issues. We are not technical people, so having your strong support team help us easily navigate through these issues has been very much appreciated. A special ’shout out’ to Harsha. His expertise and guidance is second to none."

- Liam and Susanne McCreery

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Vineyard in France cools wine using solar energy

There is often a false belief that a PV system can only function if the solar modules are south-facing. The photovoltaic system at the „La Lovière“ vineyard proves the opposite: the modules were mounted facing three different points of the compass on seven different roofs. The system costs are even paid off extremely quickly. 

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Industrial enterprise stores self-generated PV power

The special feature of this system is that the energy supply system functions 100 percent autonomously and off-grid in the event of a grid failure. The stability of the electricity supply is of great importance, especially for companies. Power failures can cause a company to lose important data, for example. That is why it is essential to be self-sufficient even during power failures, as Aldo Componentes Eletrônicos has found.

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