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Solar Energy
Home owners

Solar energy for your home

Taking your energy supply into your own hands? Saving money and protecting the climate? Yes, it is possible! A photovoltaic system provides renewable energy for your home.

At a basic level, you need energy for the following three areas:

  • Current: For powering domestic appliances
  • Heating & cooling: Heating and air conditioning
  • Mobility: Charging electric cars  

You can easily generate this energy yourself. How?
The solution is 147 million kilometres away and yet so close! Use the power of the sun in your own four walls.

What our customers say about Fronius

Shift Energy Group - Steve Unger

"Fronius technical support is amazing. Harsha worked tirelessly with us to trouble-shoot our problems. He even stayed late to continue the troubleshooting and working with us in the west coast time zone. Throughout the process Harsha remained positive, respectful and supportive."

Susan Van Dyk - Homeowner

"Our solar system stopped working after a few years and we had no idea where the problem was. The installer had gone out of business so we did not know how to identify or solve the problem. We contacted the Fronius technical department and received the most amazing customer service.

I was blown away.

Harsha spent two and a half hours on the phone with me and an electrician friend to solve the issue. He took us through every component of the system, we took photos and emailed them to Harsha. Finally, he was able to diagnose the problem and tell us the specific part that needed to be replaced and sent us a replacement part as we were just inside the warranty period.I cannot say enough about the customer service and would recommend them wholeheartedly for any work.I don't think I have ever come across such friendly, efficient customer service. Thanks Harsha and Fronius!"

Green Sun Rising Inc.

“Green Sun Rising Inc. has used Fronius inverters across Canada for many years. We appreciate the excellent technical support of the Fronius Canada team, particularly when developing and implementing PV projects in the demanding weather of the Canadian Arctic. The Smart Meter product and Solar.web enables monitoring of generation plus consumption. It also enables limiting power export of the microgrid for stability.

The snap-in design makes installation and service simple and easy. These capabilities are utilized on projects in Sach’s Harbour NT and Kugluktuk NU, where the temperature reaches -40oC. The confindence in Fronius product and support is key for us to implement projects in remote arctic communities successfully.”

Gord Preece - Homeowner

“My wife and I recently escaped from the city,  purchased vacant land and had a Passivhaus built.  The icing on the cake, though, came when we were granted a NetMetering contract from our local electric provider - we could generate our own solar power!

The system has been activated and it’s the greatest feeling to see 10,000 watts of clean energy from the sun going to our home!

I’m happy that I selected the Fronius Primo 10.0 inverter as the heart of our system.  It has worked flawlessly and most importantly, it came with the knowledge, support and patience of Fronius Tech Support. It was an invaluable resource who was always there throughout the construction and commissioning of our system.”

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