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About us

Our history

One of the earliest solar pioneers

The history of Fronius’ youngest business unit dates back to 1992 when Fronius Solar Energy was founded. A lot has happened in the meantime. 

One of the first key milestones was the first Fronius inverter, the Fronius Sunrise. Since then, we have significantly expanded and developed our product range.

At the same time, we are working on many research projects, particularly in regard to hydrogen. Countless awards in a wide range of categories are testament to our success and many years of experience.
All our experience and each and every project bring us ever closer to achieving our vision of 24 hours of sun.

Focus on our roots – then and now

The Fronius story begins all the way back in the 1940s. At that time Günter Fronius founded a simple one-man business in Pettenbach. 

Now we are a strong global player and one of the most prominent names in the industry. As a stable family business, we are very proud of our regional roots and are still strongly connected to them to this day. From Upper Austria, Fronius Solar Energy is now represented by more than 20 branches around the world.

Sustainability as a driving force

Sustainability has played an important role for us since day one. For example, over 75 years ago, company founder Günter Fronius was looking for a solution for charging batteries so that they could be used for longer. This marked the day on which the Business Unit Perfect Charging was founded and since then we have lived and breathed sustainability and it is firmly rooted in our DNA.

Important milestones

  • 1995 Fronius Sunrise
    1995 marked the birth of our first photovoltaic inverter – the Fronius Sunrise.
  • 2001-2007 Fronius IG inverters
    Further milestones were reached with the IG inverters, which were available from 2001 to 2007.
  • 2014 Fronius SnapINverter
    We brought a revolutionary development to the market in 2014 with SnapINverter technology.
  • 2018 Fronius Solhub
    In the hydrogen sector we made an important breakthrough with the Fronius Solhub – the first in-house hydrogen refuelling system.
  • 2020 Fronius GEN24 Plus
    Our latest generation of inverters – GEN24 Plus – offers many solutions for following our vision of 24 hours of sun.
  • FSP program
    In addition to continuous development of our product range, we also rely on professional and long-term partnerships with our qualified Fronius installers. This initiative is implemented through our Fronius System Partner program.

Exceptional achievements

  • 2007: The Austrian National Environmental and Energy Technology Award
  • 2007: Austrian Climate Protection Award (“Ideas and Innovation” category)
  • 2008: Energy Globe Austria (Hydrogen powered Logistic Systems)
  • 2008: World Energy Globe Award (Hydrogen powered Logistic Systems)
  • 2013: Plus X Award (Galvo & Symo – Product of the Year)
  • 2014: Smart Grid Pioneer Award (morePV2grid project)
  • 2015: Plus X Award (Symo Hybrid – Product of the Year)
  • 2016: MTB Gold Medal Award (Energy Package)
  • 2020: Intersolar Award (Symo GEN24 Plus)
  • 2022: Intersolar Award (Wattpilot)

Looking towards a sunny future

Over the years we have evolved from a pure inverter manufacturerto a comprehensive expert in the field of solar energy. Our solutions show that a 100% renewable energy supply is already possible.

More than 5,400 employees work together at Fronius to create a future free of fossil fuels. We are driving the energy revolution to achieve our main objective of 24 hours of sun. We have the future firmly in our sights and are constantly researching new, revolutionary technologies.

Our vision of 24 hours of sun

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